"IT Logistics", in the first place, is an IT-service aimed at the continuous operation of an organization: copiers and computer equipment comprehensive subscription service, resolution of the related incidents, as well as the management of IT-services.

We consider the geographical location of customer's facilities.

"IT Logistics" provide the following solutions and services:

  • IT audit
  • IT outsourcing
  • Subscription services
  • IT consultancy
  • Software installation and setting
  • Resolution of personal computer work issues
  • Maintenance of equipment and structured cable networks
  • Training staff on working with computer and telecommunications equipment

We use the contract IT-services management concept. Transfer of the customer IT-infrastructure to the maintenance by our company includes the consistent implementation of these basic processes of ITIL:

  • Service level management (SLM) - aimed at identifying the needs of the customer and providing a consistent quality of service. At the output of the process and service level agreement is formulated, which clearly spells out all the features of the service organization, the dates on which services are provided, the time of service availability, etc.;
  • Configuration management (CFG) - aimed at forming and maintaining up to date infrastructure description and its standardization. This process plays a supporting role for the majority of the other processes of ITIL;
  • Management of incidents (INC), service requests (calls) and the organization of customer service (Service Desk) - establishment of cooperation with the users, resolvong incidents occurring, prevent the recurrence of incidents, minimizing the response time to the incident, etc.;
  • Change Management (CHG) - the development and implement of changes to optimize the IT-infrastructure to meet the business requirements of the customer;
  • Problem Management (PRB) - a process to minimize the number of failures in the information system;

Effective cooperation

Companies that are our customers, have experienced the efficiency and financial viability of working with us. In "IT logistics," we are doing everything for the professional performance of our services and maximum customer satisfaction.

Key benefits of the handover of IT-infrastructure to an external service:

  • minimizing the information system maintaining cost;
  • transparency of investment in IT;
  • reduction of organizational and financial risks;
  • increasing the efficiency of the main divisions of the company;
  • reducing the probability of information systems failure;
  • increasing of user satisfaction level.

We guarantee:

  • Reduction of IT-infrastructure expenses.
  • The quality and quantity of services provided in accordance with the regulations.
  • Increased security.
  • Continuity of service.

Service Desk service management tool

Using your account, you can leave your request, suggestion or comment, and track the status of the task.

We use "Itilium" - a system of Service Desk class, which is designed to automate the IT-services management solutions (ITSM), as well as management processes, support and IT-services, in accordance with the process model library of best practices for organizing IT - ITIL.

Service Desk «Itilium" application allows us to provide high quality customer service, as follows:

  • Structure the activities carried out by IT-department / IT-organization, presenting them as a Service Catalogue;
  • Organize requests from users recording through a single point of contact - the Service Desk;
  • Get analytical reporting of incoming user requests in the context of services;
  • Set and control the timing of user requests processing;
  • Provide our customers with the interface and tools to submit, monitor and evaluate the quality of the processing of their requests;
  • Get a clear, understandable and objective assessment of the quality of the services provided on the basis of measurable indicators of the services level.
  • Raise customer satisfaction with the services provided;
  • A clear understanding of the capacity to provide services and the conclusion of SLA (Service Level Agreement);
  • Keep records of staff time in the context of services / projects / clients;
  • Establish and perform routine maintenance records;
  • Monitor changes in the infrastructure, automation, services;
  • Keep a record of manufactured products, including lists of changes, works and staff time expended on production;

… And get some other benefits of using the approaches described in ITIL - the library of best IT organizations practices.

All of these benefits are achieved thanks to the coverage of the process and ensure our company's full compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001, a number of the requirements of ISO 20000 (ISO 20000-1:2005) and the ITIL recommendations.