Maintenance of printers, copiers and MFPs

Modern color laser printers and monochrome laser printers are quite reliable devices that do not require frequent maintenance. Almost all of the mechanisms and components of the laser printer has a long service life. However, printers have so-called wear parts, ie parts that lose their life because of the constant friction against the surface of the paper. The rollers that grip and pull the sheet, drum, thermofilm or teflon shaft, press shaft, etc. Since the above parts are sensitive to mechanical stress, careless handling of the printer (mostly incorrect removal of jammed paper and paper clips and other things getting into the printer) can cause damage to parts of the system. In high-speed color and monochrome printers, manufacturers implement the idea of ​​"self-service". That is, all major wear parts are enclosed in single units: drum unit, the fixing assembly, the transfer unit and other parts that can be easily replaced by the customer.

Servicing printers, copiers, multifunction devices and plotters is commonly understood under the preventive maintenance of copying and printing equipment. However maintenance and repair sne should not be confused. Printers and copiers that show deterioration of certain run-time properties are sent to the preventive maintenance, totally worn out - for repairs.

preventive maintenance of the printer consists of several service operations affecting its key nodes. They undergo cleaning and some also a lubrication. With intensive use on many important nodes of printer toner marks appear, and have to be wiped with a lint-free cloth. After removing the toner, rubber surfaces and lenses are cleaned with special structures and moving parts are lubricated with silicone grease.

Without timely maintenance of printing equipment, it might require repair in the next six months to a year. This requirement is important in relation to the printers of all manufacturers - without the services they inevitably will reduce print quality, and then break down.

Printers usually require repair for two reasons:

  • lack of timely and professional preventive maintenance;
  • improper use.

The most common cause of breakdowns of household and office printers is the lack of proper maintenance, as the modern office has sufficient protection against human mistakes.

"IT Logistics" LLC Service Center offers a regular technical service of laser printers, which includes:

  • Monthly (quarterly) visits / repairs of our engineer for preventive maintenance of printer. Cleaning the optics, paper feed nodes, toner waste chamber, reducers. Set up the device for the different modes: energy saving, toner saving, density.
  • Unplanned visits / repairs if a problem rises during the operation of the the machine.
  • 5% discount on consumables and spare parts.
  • Supplies and spare parts delivery.
  • Consulting the Client.

Your organization service is carried out continuously by the same engineer (engineers).

Our experts will perform diagnostics, preventive maintenance and repair of Epson, Samsung, CANON, KYOCERA, SHARP, RICOH, XEROX (RX), OLIVETTI, etc. copiers of any degree of complexity.

We work with multi-function devices of any brand, from the most modern of their models to those that are already out of production. The quality of repair in all cases is the highest!

Despite a high efficiency of our repair, we advise you not to neglect prevention maintenance.