Refilling toner cartridges

Printer - one of the many peripheral devices, a variety of print quality and how they work allows you to choose the appropriate device. Printers vary according to the principle of dot-matrix, inkjet, laser, by price categories, print quality, and so on.

All printers have one thing in common: sooner or later they run out of toner in the cartridge.

"IT Logistics" refills and restores cartridges, for almost all printers on the market of Ukraine. The high efficiency of the technology used in our production, combined with the finest materials are guaranteed to give good quality printing and service life, not inferior to original cartridges or cartridges of western manufacturers. Most print and copy machines users are aware of the fact that their laser cartridge can be refilled. But only few think of what will happen to the cartridge after 3, 5, 10 refills. It would be naive to think that the cartridges do not break and can be refilled as many times as you want. Everything eventually gets old, worn out, the cartridges are no exception. Cartridge - is a mechanical device which contains 4-6 nodes and more than 15 parts. During operation, all parts of cartridge are exposed to constant friction that results in their wear and non-satisfactory print quality. However, that does not mean that the cartridge has exhausted its resources and you will have to buy a new one.

In the refilling process we conduct a full cartridge test, remove the old toner particles, we select the best toner for your cartridge, hold other kinds of work possible under laboratory conditions only.

If your cartridge can not be refilled, our specialists will replace worn parts with new (for example, OPC drum and smart-chip).

After this, the cartridge will show print quality comparable with a new one.

There are several advantages of refilling cartridges before the production of new cartridges, related to the environment protection. In the production of the toner CO2 is not released to the environment. Nothing but the electricity spent on the production and fuel spent on transportation is used. Toner transport over long distances is more economic.

Thus, cartridge refilling prevents CO2 in an atmosphere.

Cartridge refill avoids utilization (burial cartridge underground), where the cartridge will decompose for hundreds of years, and be replaced with a new one, production of which will harm the environment.

The life cycle of the cartridge depends on its manufacturer and model. Cartridges can be refilled from 2-3 to 4-5, depending on the manufacturer. After that, the cartridge must be refilled, meaning its full service with high quality toner refilling, cleaning the working parts and replacement of worn-out machinery. The cartridge may be restored from 3 to 5 times until its parts are worn out completely. Hence for the entire life cycle, the individual cartridge can be filled from 6 to 15 times.

Usually cartridge refill will continue as long as its owners are satisfied with the print quality. After complete wear cartridge must be disposed of.

Ecologists estimate that cartridges refill has important environmental advantages over the production of new cartridges. First, it prevents the mass burials of cartridges that have exhausted their resource underground, where they will decompose over many hundreds of years.

Second, cartridges refill prevents CO2 in the atmosphere, a significant amount of which is emitted in the production of new cartridges.