Sale of consumables

Almost all of the mechanisms and components of the laser printer have a long service life. However, printers have so-called wear parts, ie parts that lose their life because of the constant friction against the surface of the paper: the rollers that grip and pull the sheet, drum, thermofilm or teflon shaft, press shaft, etc.

"IT Logistics" sells new cartridges for laser and inkjet, color and monochrome printers, fax machines, multifunction devices, and the KIA's leading manufacturers. You can buy supplies for "long-livers" of the market of office equipment, and the new models that have just appeared on the market.

Our experience is based on detailed information about the production and operation of office equipment and supplies for it, as well as on knowledge of the problems reported by users. We offer the best quality reliable materials and spare parts to prevent possible misunderstandings after refueling (toner spillage, rapid failure of individual components, the defective chip).

To our advantages and that of our suppliers should be included products quality, professionalism, efficiency and reliability.

Buying components, parts, or cartridges for laser and inkjet printers and MFP in our company, you can be assured of the quality and reliability of the product.

We provide a warranty on all goods supplied. We care about our customers and fulfill our obligations honestly and efficiently.

"IT Logistics" is set to a long-term partnership with each customer, so we appreciate their trust and the time. It is important to us that companies and people with whom we work, and whose problems are being solved, feel confident and calm, turning to us.