The main task of the modern information society is - at a lower cost to provide the best quality of goods and services. That is the law of the information market.

One of the important niches for the optimization of any company today is the IT-infrastructure in general, and the office documents printing, in particular. This area is constantly growing and evolving.

For an objective evaluation of IT-infrastructure, decision making, forecasting the development of the situation and the effective management of IT-structure it is necessary to conduct IT-audit.

Conducting a comprehensive audit provides the most complete, systematic and reliable information on the state of IT-infrastructure of the customer.

Audit of IT-infrastructure of the customer is most needed in the following cases:

  • Association of companies into a single structure in which there is a need to integrate IT-infrastructures of several companies. Independent audit will reduce the cost and expedite the terms of works on integration;
  • Before performing company IT-infrastructure modernization - to optimize the cost of upgrading and development strategy;
  • When the growth of the business is ahead of the IT development - In this case, company leaders lack management information;
  • If the IT-infrastructure does not work well at the moment, the audit - the best way to detect problems and to obtain the necessary recommendations regarding their resolution.

Audit of IT-infrastructure provides the following benefits to the customer:

  • Simplification of the IT-infrastructure by obtaining the most complete and current information about available IT-resources;
  • Obtaining an estimate of the cost of upgrading IT-infrastructure. Knowledge of the necessity degree and predictable amount of work, allows the customer to make an informed decision;
  • More efficient use of existing IT-resources, after taking into account the results of the audit;
  • Increase the manageability of IT-structure of the company - leaders get the necessary management information for decision making and forecasting the development of the situation;
  • Obtaining practical recommendations on the technology used, the equipment and its settings.

As a result, the efficiency of company IT-services increases, while downtime and number of emergency situations reduces.

"IT Logistics" offers IT-audit services - analysis of IT-infrastructure of your company in order to identify bottlenecks and risks for planning their elimination.