Products and services

The focus of the company "IT Logistics" is IT-products and services aimed at the uninterrupted operation tan organization: comprehensive subscription maintenance of copiers and computer equipment, resolving issues that might arise while using them and IT-service management.

Refilling ink cartridges

Printer - one of the many peripheral devices, a variety of print quality and how they work allows you to choose the appropriate device. Printers vary according to the principle of dot-matrix, inkjet, laser, by price categories, print quality, and so on »

Office equipment sale

A well-chosen office equipment is the key to successful operation of any business. After all, office supplies - is, first and foremost, means of communication .... and so on »


The main task of the modern information society is - at a lower cost to provide the best quality of goods and services. That is the law of the information market. One of the important niches ... and so on »

Maintenance of printers, copiers ...

Modern color laser printers and monochrome laser printers are quite reliable devices that do not require frequent maintenance. Almost all of the mechanisms and components of the laser printer has a long service life ... and so on »

Sale of consumables

Almost all of the mechanisms and components of the laser printer have a long service life. However, printers have so-called wear parts, ie parts that lose ... and so on »