IT Logistics, LLC

Is an outsourcing company on the organization and management of IT-services, such as integrated supply, commissioning and maintenance of office equipment, and other components of the IT-infrastructure of corporate clients.

Our clients are companies with offices in cities and towns all over Ukraine.

Five components of our success


In today's world, to meet the needs of customers, companies delivering products and services offer an increasingly wide range of its products, seeking to win the attention of consumers. In business of IT-infrastructure support for corporate clients to improve efficiency and reduce costs, you must have the advanced technology and use the best tools. For many years, the specialists of our company have honed technique and procedures for client orders to eliminate malfunctions in their IT-infrastructure, basing on best international practices. Today the technology of our work is largely based on the rules described in the library ITIL and ISO 20000 standard, which provides a reliable and consistent customer service.


Image of a reliable partner that is based on a stable and reliable cooperation, is very important for building strong long-term business relationships. Ltd. "IT Logistics" aims to build such image on the basis of previous successful projects, which were participated by our experts.


In order to maintain our products in the market, we are constantly monitoring the compliance of needs of our customers, market conditions and our ability. Equally important is customer satisfaction in accordance with the latest technical and technological level. The strategy and tactics of our marketing program changes under the changing needs of the market.


Is a mainstay in solving problems of IT-infrastructure to support corporate clients, whose objects are distributed all over Ukraine. The company "IT Logistics" with the help of partners has built a network covering all the regions, in which customer objects are located, with its services. The strength of the partner network is based on professionalism, integrity and business stability of all parties.


Only cohesively working and easily manageable team is able to achieve most ambitious goals. Rapid development strategy requires a lot of people. Without mutual support and readiness to help the implementation of such a strategy would not be possible. The human resource is the key and most valuable part of the total company capital.